Terry Garthwaite playing a guitar, 1980s
Terry Garthwaite signature singer, songwriter, teacher
seldom-sung songs seek sunshine, so sing some --
splendidly scattering scrumptious sound seeds
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nJoy Sounds is the umbrella for all my own recordings and books, which you'll find on this Product page. You can browse the CONTENTS and click and go or just stroll and scroll down to see what's offered. There is actually an njoysounds.com, which will lead you right here. We're all connected.

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MYTHIPHISTA Terry Garthwaite and Heather MacTavish 2009 $15.00
Mythiphista cover

Mythiphista is a story-song of enablement, inspired by Jean Houston and woven by Heather MacTavish around her favorite songs and chants written and performed by Terry Garthwaite.

surrounded by the light
morning glory
i am creative
sitting softly in my soul
a good day
i can do it
dancing feet
passing time

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NATURAL RHYTHMS Terry Garthwaite and Becky Reardon 2008 $15.00
Natural Rhythms cover

Natural Rhythms brings together the joyous musical explorations of these two singer/songwriters--spirited songs with melodic twists and impelling pulse.

Speaker iconon track
that's right
silly worry
Speaker iconfull moon
spirit unbound
Speaker iconi don't fit
sand dollar
rush hour
Speaker iconjuju
spring fever
el diablo
Speaker icontarantula

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BACK TO YOUR HEART Joy of Cooking 2007 $30.00
Back to Your Heart cover

The Joy of Cooking was a Berkeley-based band of eclectic musicians who made infectious music in the late '60s and early '70s. The sound is rooted in the voices, the songs, the music of its two woman members and driven by a propelling, innovative three-man rhythm section.

Back to Your Heart is a lovingly assembled double CD of live and previously unreleased studio recordings (from 1968-1972). Mastering alchemy by Steve Maki.

love is just a 4-letter word (dylan)
midnight blues
don't forget me, love
he's comin' home tomorrow
Speaker iconlook back
good king
Speaker icontrippet
Speaker icondream blues
song for silent wings
this old life
how deep the dark
summer fire
Speaker iconi've made up my mind
flying saucer blues
Speaker iconyatata
Speaker iconsong in blue
bad luck
Speaker iconhumpty dumpty
if some god
dancing couple
Speaker iconbrownsville/mockingbird
laugh, don't laugh

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CHANTSISTERS Becky Reardon, Terry Garthwaite, Kate Munger, Joanne Hammil, Velma Frye, Sue Ribaudo, Leslie Zak 2006 $15.00
Chantsisters cover

Seven leading circle singers from across America offer a taste of some of their most requested chants, songs and rounds--songs of comfort and joy to lift the spirit and delight the heart. It is our hope that you will take these songs into your heart and sing them to lift your spirits or give you comfort. Share them in your own circles. Each of these singer/songwriters teaches songs in singing circles and classes, and can be found online through her own website.

Features music by Becky Reardon (NM), Terry Garthwaite (CA), Kate Munger (CA), Joanne Hammil (MA), Velma Frye (FL), Sue Ribaudo (NY), and Leslie Zak (OH).

all of us (br)
morning glory (tg)
don't give up (jh)
the truth (vf)
fragrance (km)
out beyond (jh)
Speaker iconcandlelight (tg)
WPDT (vf)
guide me (km)
dancing to the dark (br)
Speaker iconsurrounded by the light (tg)
if you knew (km)
follow the motion (br)
mystery of the divine (vf)
one family (jh)
sing it for the earth (sr)
wolf song (lz)

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SIGNS OF PEACE 2003 $6.00
Signs of Peace cover

3 songs for peace, recorded for a Mother's Day Concert for peace.

(That's Terry on the cover, singing atop the police car at a Free Speech Movement rally -- probably in 1964. Click on the cover for a bigger view.)

Speaker iconsigns of peace
Speaker iconcandlelight
passing time

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SACRED CIRCLES 1998 $15.00
Sacred Circles cover

Sacred Circles is a collection of songs and sounds of hope and heart to open the doors to joy and release, delight, communion, and peace. The songs are meant to be sung from deep within. They are songs of celebration and illumination of spirit. Let your voice rise up into the world in an act of unabashed self-expression. Joined by my niece oona garthwaite on moonflow.

Speaker iconmorning glory
Speaker iconsurrounded by the light
cuppa chi
sweet spirit
sweet sensation
udu too
sacred circles
women now know
Speaker iconmoonflow

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AFFIRHYTHMS 1992 $12.00
AffiRhythms cover

Affirhythms contains 5 chants, each recorded twice with a different intention. The first version introduces the chant for you to learn and sing along with. The second version presents the chant with harmonies and back-up parts gradually added as the lead vocal fades. Here's where you come in. This is your chance to sing the lead, surrounded by other parts. Or to learn these harmonies and back-ups and return to version 1 adding your new parts as you listen to the original.

Speaker iconI am creative
I carry love
Sacred within
Speaker iconMother earth
I am sound

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MOVING DAY 1984 $15.00
Moving Day cover

Moving through life's changes, one day at a time.
Originally recorded for Catero Records

something changing in the world,
something changing in me
something moving in the earth,
something new about to be

Speaker iconmoving day
Speaker icondo you cry
me to you
i like you, you're nice
mother earth
when i get low
delicious kisses
on the sentimental side
younger lover
so grateful

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HAND IN GLOVE 1978 $15.00
Hand in Glove cover

10 rock/jazz songs in a band context, produced by Orrin Keepnews and John Guerin.

If you can't love me
Speaker iconYou don't know
Some other spring
Bye bye
You're fine
What's the matter with love
Here today
Speaker iconTicket to Chicago

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TERRY 1975 $15.00
Terry CD cover

first "solo" album, originally recorded in 1975
produced by david rubinson

Speaker iconSlender Thread
Angel of Love
Changing colors
Movin' in the night
Robbin's nest
What it'll do
You send me
Pass on by
What more
Speaker iconRock & roller

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Alliterhythms cover
Alliteration is a little word play. It is the close repetition of the same letter or sound within a phrase. Alliterhythms is a gathering of rhythmic thoughts and songlets of alliterative words. It's an alphabet full of a mouthful of playful words.
Spirit Jingles cover
a book of over 100 original spirit jingles and songs
includes legacy, i am creative, candlelight, on track
Vocal Chords cover
a book of 72 chorded original songs by Terry
includes safe passage, slender thread, shine on, humpty dumpty
A Choired Taste cover
original & traditional spirit songs, arranged for part-singing by Terry
includes candlelight, lifted up, shine on, safe passage

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