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The Joy of Cooking was a Berkeley-based band of eclectic musicians who made infectious music in the late '60s and early '70s. The sound is rooted in the voices, the songs, the music of its two women members and driven by a propelling, innovative three-man rhythm section.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Jon Carroll described the band as "a remarkable rock and roll band, half ballads and half boogie, with a driving rhythm section fronted by two swell women, Toni Brown (a smart, crafty songwriter who could evoke sentiment without sentimentality) and Terry Garthwaite (who sings like an angel with dirty wings.)


All 3 Joy of Cooking albums are on CD, now available on Acadia Records. You can find them on amazon by clicking on titles below.

Joy of Cooking (2003)

Closer to the Ground (2004 - CD reissue of 1971 album)

Castles (2005)

Back to Your Heart
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