"I can feel the beat like the wings of a dove
Like a heart on fire, full of the light of love.
Shine on, shine on, shine on."

Music brings me into my self.  It has always been a true friend; a place to be in times of celebration, a harbor in hard times; a path to joy, health, and well-being.  Many times I’ve used music as a healing balm, singing myself into a happier climate. Music soothes the sorrowing spirit and brings joy to the downhearted soul. It can transmute the blues into ecstasy. And it can turn a gathering of strangers into heartfelt friends.

My new CD, Shine On, is like a gathering of old friends—songs I’ve written, performed and taught over the last 4 decades and carried into the present. From the last days of the Joy of Cooking band to solo singing salons, from lullabies to shout-outs, these are songs that long to be sung. I’ve gathered old friends and new in the studio to give the songs new life,with the seasoning of the old. –Terry Garthwaite

 "It’s hard to say what I love most about Terry Garthwaite, but her new CD SHINE ON  has it all!  Sometimes her voice is raucous, rockin’, get down, get up and dance. Sometimes it’s earthy soul and full of the blues. Then it becomes the tenderest of lullabies or the sweetest of prayers. Terry loves the taste of words in her mouth – the clicking and clacking of the train on the Joy of Cooking hit “Ticket to Chicago,” the tongue twisting, crazy rhythmic play of “Pippinipity.”  And her anthems, like “Legacy,” “Shine On,” and “Lifted Up” make you want to join a chorus, or join your friends, to sing the world to health. We’ve waited 15 years for another Terry Garthwaite recording, and SHINE ON satisfies and exceeds all expectations!"
–ELISE WITT, EMWorld Records

"Originality, authenticity, and powerful soulfulness in spades!"
–JANE KRISS, artist, writer

"...grounded hunger and wise fire in her voice."
–JESSICA LILY, videographer

"Shine On is a musical feast to nourish and refresh the soul."

More Shine On Comments:
"What a gem."
"Terry loves the taste of words in her mouth." 
"So rich, so full, so tasty."
"Many songs–each one taking the listener on a different journey"
"The lyrics open the listener to new perspectives, or feelings, weave us together"
"Brilliant writing! Brilliant performance!"
"A project with much love, care and respect." 
"Originality, authenticity, and powerful soulfulness in spades!"
"Grounded hunger and wise fire in her voice."
"Masterful collection of songs!"
"This album is a musical feast to nourish and refresh the soul."
"A treasure!" 
"Makes you want to join a chorus, or join your friends, to sing the world to health."

Produced by Terry Garthwaite with gracious help from the musicians. 

Engineered by:
Jeff Martin* at Studio E, Sebastopol, CA
Ken Gregory** at 800 East, Inman Park, GA
Becky Reardon*** at her NM studio
Mixed by Jeff Martin
Photography/Art Direction: Irene Young
Cover design: Carol Ehrlich


SHINE ON  1995
After a week of relentless rain, the sun appears, and the inner sun comes out of hiding.  Shine yours. Remember the fire that burns within. "Shine On" is fun to sing in song circles.  It feels like sharing a cup of joy. 

LEGACY  2006  
"Legacy" was inspired by the women in the Marin County jail--where I often went to sing in circle--but with my mother in my heart. And by the notion that we can change our trajectory, laying a new path for our progeny--a hopeful future.

One summer I taught my Vocal Alternatives class at Sonoma State College in Cotati. I would drive up the backroads from Marin to Cotati in the evening and by the time class was over the backroads would be dark and foreboding. On one moonless night's drive this song came shining through the darkness.   

Thinking about my speechless friend Theresa and the many souls soothed by the singing of the Threshold Choirs, I wrote one more song.

When Michael Brown was killed by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri (August 2014), I had to write something about it.  When justice flees, where can we look for it?  How does it feel in a grieving mother's heart?

ECHO 2014
A short time after my friend Willow Wray passed-in her love-filled home, I went to her home to gather some things. The space had been emptied of most of her belongings--the things that said "Willow lives here."  But most of all it had been emptied of her spirit, lacking in essential beingness.  What remained was the echo of her life.

Even in illness Willow maintained a positive, hopeful outlook, envisioning the best possible outcome.  She was surrounded by loving friends--her family of light.  I understand her gratitude.

Driving over the hill from West Marin I'm often struck by the 'scape-earth stretching out before me, sky cover overhead, and the promise of the sea on the horizon. I feel like an animate sandwich.

My friend, clay sculptor Robin Begbie, asked me to join her in celebrating the elements through clay and song. We never did bring the parts together, and now she's gone, but I did celebrate the Mother.

Rhythm is the underpinning of my songwriting. Pippinipity is a rhythm reminder to lift the spirit;  pippinipity  (coined by an Italian cook) means mixing delicious things together

Melodies sometimes turn up and won't go away until they've found their voice. Driving home after a visit to my grandchildren a scenario began to emerge for a melody I'd been rummaging in, and I envisioned sleepily singing to my sleepy wee grandson.

I named my son Sasha after one of my favorite books as a child, Sasha and the Samovar. When he was born, I almost immediately started writing for him.

Singing "A Good Day" is a good way to get up in the morning.  Melanie DeMore's little children's choir sings this song to begin their singing day, up in the stratospheric register where only children can go.  Oh, and Melanie.

APPLE of MY EYE (by Rosalie Sorrels)
I recorded this with Nina as a part of  4-CD tribute to legendary singer/songwriter Rosalie Sorrels, due out soon.

"Steal Away" is a mother's song.  I wrote it for Sasha as an infant to lull him--and prob'ly me--to sleep.

TICKET 1975/1998
"Ticket to Chicago" grew out of my love for rhythm and the rhythmic sounds of words-the potent percussive possibilities of crunchy, chunky consonants. The piece began as a propelling train rhythm, moving inexorably forward, and has grown into the little engine that could.

I was choir director for the Fairfax Community Church for several years until one of the congregants thought there was too much Buddhist thought and not enough Christianity in the sermons--time to "get off the love train."  Funny, I thought love was the message.

A poem from my kimono’d dreamer.

Our extended family held a wake for my cousin when she died and I wanted to send her off in peace. "Safe Passage" sent her on her way, and has since been much used by the Threshold Choir at bedsides and sung at  memorial services.


Deepest and dearest thanks to Elise Witt for making this CD possible; to Elise and Becky for their musical magic and heartful support; to my generous musician friends who so willingly came to play with me; to David and Fritz for mix assists on Shine On and Lifted Up; to Irene, Carol, and Diana for their generous time and skills; to Barbara Andino-Stevenson for her unerring eye and subjective ear; and to all the singers who breathe life into my songs. Produced by Terry Garthwaite with gracious help from all the musicians. Thanks to Jeff for diving in and flowing.









Terry ~ all
Elise Witt ~ 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12
Becky Reardon ~ 1, 4, 7 ,8, 10, 12
Oona Garthwaite ~ 1, 2
Global Village Project: 1, 13
Mimi Aung, Fatumah Nyrumbe, Khaty Barati,
Faranza Barati, En Kawli Mynt, Tirhas Tewolday
Jacque Howard ~  5, 17
Joyce Williams ~  5, 17
Tommy Dean ~ 6, 17
David Garthwaite ~ 2

Terry ~ 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 15, 16, 17
Nina Gerber ~ 3, 11, 14, 15, 16
Jacque Howard ~ 5, 17
David ~ 7
Oona ~ 2
Becky ~ 4,12
Ken ~ 5

David ~ 1, 2, 3, 7

Fritz Kasten ~ 1, 7

Julie Hawley ~ 4, 19

Brien Engel ~ 6

Jeff Martin ~ 9,11